Sunday, 10 June 2007

Malaysian Food Fair

During the weekend, the Malaysian Embassy hosted the first of this year's annual Malaysian Food Fair.

This was definitely not the place to be if one was careful of one's calories. There was food in abundance. The list went on and on and on like the who's who of food world. I found myself getting fat just going through the list.

My contribution was Grilled Tilapia with Green curry sauce topped with papaya, carrot and tomato salsa with a sprinkling of cashews and fried shallots....not exactly Malaysian but what the hey!! I just realised I have not taken any photograph of my food....nor have I tasted any.

True to my reckless nature, the recipe was totally experimental and it was untested...but, from the reviews I was getting, it was a success. By 3:50 p.m. we grilled our last Tilapia #70 ..,...woo hooo!!

Many, many thanks to my most understanding and very much appreciated, but long sufferring (?) 2/3 of the family. My hubby was ever so good behind the grill...methinks man who cooks are sexy... and Elsa was great in helping out, too.
Unc. Joe and Pak Mat, two of the most delightful men I have ever met.....

See y'all again in September. 

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