Monday, 30 July 2007

The Sleepover Club

The day started early for these energetic and loquacious young ladies. After a breakfast of hot chocolate and pancake, it was off to the local swimming pool. Boy, I got tired just watching them....if only we could harness all the energy from all the children in the world, there will not be any energy crisis...

They finally came out of the pool at around 1:30 p.m. Not exhausted...but very hungry. After a meal of French fries and ice cream we headed home for a bit of "rest" and a late lunch.

Then we were off for a nature walk at the nearby wooded area. The girls collected some pine cones, acorns and various types of leaves.
It did not take them long before they got bored with this activity and asked to go to the playground.....exit 3 young ladies plus one to the nearest playground, where they spent most of the time playing in the sand -- what's up with kids and sand??

I gave up....they did not show any sign of slowing down...Well, I'm off to bed now....Oh, my poor back!! I must be getting, just metabolically challenged. 

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