Thursday, 25 October 2007


As we were heading back home, we decided to do a little stopover in this little known town called Dinant in Provincie Namur in Belgium.

The only thing we knew about this place was there is an enormous citadel surrounding the town and that meant more uphill climbing on foot for us. Well....I wanted to lose those inches, so, I shouldn't whine, but why not...nobody's gonna stop me.....

So, off we went with the song "Climb Every Mountain" (aiyaa... I'm showing my age) playing in my head to conquer this pretty steep walk way with really loose gravel, to top it off.

The view from the top was magnificent. One can really enjoy the full view of Dinant from here with the river Meuse flowing towards the distant horizon.

After all that effort, I later found out that there is an easier way to get up to the top of the fort.....they have CABLE-CAR!!!! Oh, well, maybe next time.....

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