Thursday, 15 November 2007

ASPAC Meeting at Ibu Wiwik's Residence

Today's meeting was particularly poignant as it would be the last meeting that will be attended by one the most active member of ASPAC, Puan Bashah Azmi, who will be leaving us for Kuala Lumpur, and Ibu Icha, who will be leaving for Indonesia soon.

When I first joined this club, it was under the helm of Puan Bashah. I would describe her as a no nonsense, straight as an arrow kinda lady, but, not one without a sense of humour. Whenever there was work to do, she was always in the thick of the action, never afraid to get her hand dirty.
It was a tremendous pleasure working along side her and one I would treasure for a long time.

Icha, the sweetest and strongest lady I have ever come to know. In those time that I got to know her, she was never without a smile on her face. Even when she faced with the ultimate challenges in life, she took it all in her stride...such was her strength.

To these two beautiful ladies, I wish you the best that life can offer you. I will miss you guys...

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