Saturday, 26 January 2008

AMIS - The Association for Music in International Schools

AMIS International Solo and Ensemble Music Festival

Once again, ASH is hosting over 400 music students from 7 international schools from all over Europe, performing their music works, such as piano solo, vocal, strings solo and ensemble and various other instruments. These workshops, masterclass and closing ceremony were open to the public.

Performances were critiqued and evaluated by a panel of international musicians and judges and advices were given on how performer can improve their performances.

Ratings were given based on these performances.....
Blue Ribbon for performance with Distinction;
Red Ribbon for a good performance; and
White Ribbon for a work in progress......

Elsa performed Bartok's Barentanz and a duet with a fellow ASH student, Scout Capouti, doing a delightfully playful piece, La Toupie by Bizet.

Note to Elsa......I love you but, please, more Bartok......perhaps,Rachmaninoff??!!

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