Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Heel Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

Here's wishing all my friends and families a very blessed 2008.

To all that have been visiting my little ol' Fotopages.....a big Thank you for all your support and kind words....

MamaFami, the fp kak long
Rinn Chan, food never look so good
Lee Lin, never fails to crack me up...
Zaza, what can I say...those crafts are out of this world
Hajar, now, she can really cook
Cek De Sam, fantastic food enough to warm up the Scandinavian winters
Mamasya, Malaysian foodie in Brunei
the sweet Fifi Fad, chairman and founder of Malas Sedunia United
Wiz, short for wizard, no doubt
Jeni, beauty and brain...deliciously combined
Nabialishad, who would have thought that pantun could actually go hand in hand with food..

and not forgetting...
Yvonne, Cheryna, Ida-Isk, Kak Hanieliza, Kak Kamariah, Masriyah, Aliza, Mamazieza, Zakiah Z, Penyulawa, Roylazim, Umi-kal, Nik Shasha, Ida Natrah, Madzli Balkhis, Azzurac69, princessHaryati, yati-m, Rezs, Akila, Rani, Dewi......

and minah-minah and mat-mat sekodeng (thanks Lee Lin for increasing my vocabulary)

Those who made up the Denhaag Ladies....
Nina Kornet (okayla, mami ni kira honourary member....pasai dok kat Rotterdam)
Puan Bashah (member paling jauh. Btw, good luck on your first day of school)
Kak Ani, Doris, Kak Jie, Aliciana, Kak Zohra, Illa, Shereen, Suhar, kak Hajijah....

nanti sat....tak habih lagi...

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