Thursday, 8 May 2008

Greek Night 2008

The Grade six Social Studies students have been working very hard to bring their knowledge of the ancient Greek civillizations to show to their parents for this evening.

The events started off with the sampling of various culinary products from Greece and traditional homemade Greek food fit for their God and Goddesses, while touring the Museum of Hellenic Studies.

Then we proceed to the "ancient Greek stadium" aka the sporthall, where the spartans, athenians and the trojans compete for the sacred olive branches and bragging rights in the ancient olympic games. The olympic torch was carried by an osbcure Greek God, Mr Harrington, God of Mathematics.

Next, the parents were herded to the ancient greek theater for a multimedia short including greek film collages produced by the students in Music Technology.
Lastly, the drama students performed a play "Perseus and the Gorgon ~ a modern take". 

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