Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Howdy from Calgary!!!

Just got home this morning after a ten hour flight from Calgary....

Apart from the slight veil of dust, the mount of letters and bills, there wasn't much to do in the housekeeping department. The seemed to have thrived even better without me!! I am deeply wounded. Perhaps they did miss me and so they had to put on their best colour as not to make me leave them again.....and I'm sticking to this story regardless!!!

So, what have I been up to......
We spent two weeks and a bit in Calgary, following MrD, who was there on business.
We arrived right on time for the famous Calgary Stampede...was not so famous after all, as I have never in my life heard about this event prior to this visit. If it's not obvious already...rodeos, bucking broncos, cowboys are not really my scene.....okay-lah, maybe cute cowboys I will consider, but found none so far..... and where are those handsome Royal Canadian Mounted Police???!!! I'm beginning to feel utterly shortchanged.....I want my money back!!!

Calgary City

The Canadian Rockies

Our ride...