Saturday, 27 February 2010

Full House

And I've been complaining about being bored.....

I had a full day today.
In the morning, Adie and Alyssa along with Rohaya and Lynne and baby Sofea came a-visiting. They stayed for a tex-mex lunch of Chicken Burritos with re-fried beans and salsa. For dessert we had Banana Bread.

Just when I thought I could put my feet up and have my elevenses at four, along came a knock at the door which reveal my Nigerian friend and neighbour Folake and her lively and delightful broods Aleem, Aiman and Aisyah. It is great to finally have a like-minded friend who shares similar interests. Here's looking to more fun time hanging out together.

Oh, by the way, Elsa came home bearing some news..... her piano teacher is going to teach her a new piece. It's Mikrokosmos by Bartok..... God help me!!!