Sunday, 18 April 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles and a couple of Ferries thrown in

What would have been a one and a half hours flight from Aberdeen to Copenhagen turned out be a 3-days cross-country trek across Europe.

He was one of the hundreds of thousands of people stranded because of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano eruption.

The story unfold on Thursday when I made an early morning call to notify him of the disruption of flights in Scotland. Thus began the long journey back home and frantic planning and checking of available logistics.....

It started with a 4-hours train ride from Aberdeen to Newcastle. Since there was no more seats available he had to stand all the way through.
In Newcastle, he had to catch the 18-hours ferry ride to Amsterdam. Upon arriving in Amsterdam, he found out that Schipol was not operational and his flight was also canceled.
He then had to queue up for 6 hours to buy a train ticket to Copenhagen which was only available the next morning as all the tickets were sold out for that day.

After an overnight stay in Amsterdam, he took the morning train to Duisburg, Germany.
From Duisburg he had to catch the train to Hamburg, which came to a halt half-way through due to an accident on the line.
A frantic change of schedule lead to a local train network that took him to Puttgarten ferry port in Germany after 8 hours.

After a 45 minutes ferry ride, he finally step foot on Danish soil but he was still over 200km away from home.
Finally, he managed to squeezed himself into a 2-hours standing-room only train to Copenhagen.

All in all the journey took him over 60 hours to get home......and to think it was only suppose to be a one half hours plane ride back home.

Still he made it in time for our wedding anniversary tomorrow which he said was his motivating factor.