Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sagnlandet Lejre

The natural landscape with steep hills and many small lakes are shaped by ice during the last ice age.

Sagnlandet Lejre
The Land of Legends

A reconstructed village that takes us back to the stone-age.
It is run by an independent non-profit organisation established in 1964 as an archeological research and experimental centre.
In summer, it is populated by volunteer Danish families who, in name of research, dress in prehistoric furs and skins, use traditional tools to carry out chores.

19th century rural environment
~ recreates the lives of Danish farmers in their cottage dwellings.

Historical workshops: Pottery and weaving room.

The stone-age settlement Athra.
Early stone-age 12000 BC - 5000 BC

The iron-age village Lethra.
500 BC - 800 AD

The Viking site Ravnebjerg
800 AD - 1050 AD

The Viking marketplace.
Tradesmen, warriors, lords, wenches and thralls gather for the annual assembly, the Thing.

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  1. Fantastic photos :0)Shows how awesome Sagnlandet Lejre are.