Monday, 6 December 2010

Dinner with Sue, Joshua and Family

The snow on the road was quite thick making driving without snow-tyres pretty tricky.

We made a dinner arrangement at our favourite Indian restaurant, Kardammome, with Joshua and his family.
Due to the bad weather we're having lately, the usually packed restaurant was almost deserted, with just one other table of diners.
No matter, we more than made up with the noise and revelry.

At the end of dinner, Sue surprised me with a gift - a beautiful rose-pink photo frame.
What made it even more heart-warming, Sue had included a photo of Sue and me taken at one our picnic outing in summer...aww...

I do enjoy meeting Joshua, Sue and the kids, we always seemed to have loads to talk about.
Their kids, Rico, Rica and Rhea are just so precious. Even with the age gap, Elsa doesn't have any problem playing them.

Sue and I share similar interests in cooking, baking, home design and general messing around.
She's an amazing cook, always trying out new recipes (check out her amazing site) and loves going to the flea markets, made easy by her ever-obliging husband, Joshua.

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