Friday, 28 January 2011


Lately, thanks to Elsa letting me (mis)use her laptop, I've been doing a lot of blog-hopping.
It's something I've not done a lot of, ever since acquiring a desktop 3 years ago. The desktop, unfortunately, is a necessity ever since my eyesights start to act their age. The small monitor on a lappy just wouldn't do it for me anymore, and the fact that I keep misplacing my glasses doesn't help the matter at all.... my mind's going, too... what else is new... get in the queue.

Oh yes... blog-hopping... it was good fun!
Visited some old friends, made some new ones. Loads of awesome sites that tickled my fancy, let alone my palate.
Luscious, decadent food and photography that are salivate-worthy.

Can't wait to have my own kitchen and stuff back! Till then I just have to make do....

Made some refreshing raspberry jelly for dessert.