Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Nothing much happened today.

The day started optimistically bright. It was blue sky and sunshine and the temperature was a mild 6 degrees Celcius.
But by mid-morning, the weather turned drastically. The rain came, along with high wind and occasional hailing.

Mr D was working from home today... which is good. At the very least, I had someone to eat lunch with.
I prepared a simple lunch; his favourite Masak Lemak with Salmon and tender-stemmed broccoli in oyster sauce.

After picking up Elsa from school. I accompanied MrD to various car dealers in town.

Yup, we're looking for a car.
The last time we found ourselves in the company of car dealers was slightly more than 6 years ago, when we first arrived in the Hague.
We had absolutely no idea what we wanted... initially we were thinking of a German make but in the end we fell for the Swedish bombshell, Betsy-Lou....

She was our loyal metal steed; taking us around Europe without giving us much of a problem.
Our initial thought was that she would accompany us when we got posted to Italy, but as our plan changed somewhat, this made it unrealistic to have her with us in Scotland.
So, adieu Betsy-Lou... we wish you well with your new family....

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