Wednesday, 9 February 2011

House Hunting

After endless perusing in various property leasing websites and house viewings, we've finally managed to find one that meets most of our requirement.

Enter one bubbly but excitable real estate agent.
Not only was she late for our appointment, she could not even find the house and had to call us to find out where it was and how to get there.
To top it off, upon entering the house, she tripped the house alarm causing the police to be at the doorstep within a few minutes.
Well, at least now we know the alarm system works and the local constabulary are efficient.

After the initial excitement, we finally had a chance to have a good look at the house and we were quite impressed.

The house is situated on a hill overlooking the small town of Banchory and the surrounding countryside.

The entrance hallway and first floor landing area.

The formal living area.
Light, airy and neutrally appointed.
My sore point in this room is the massive granite stone bar area at the end corner of the room... yucks!!!

The formal dining room.

The kitchen.
Loads of storage space. I'll have fun filling them with my brand of junk!

The master bedroom.

We've not made our mind just yet, as there are still more houses to view....