Thursday, 10 February 2011

To A Manor Born

Another day, another house viewing...

The day started early. The house-agent arranged for us to meet at a house situated at a good distant to both Elsa's school and MrD's office. What could be better than that.
I was hoping hard that this gonna be it... we've found our house... no more house-hunting....

Upon entering the gate, we drove passed a narrow sweeping driveway lined by tall mature trees...

Me: " Phwoar! Is that the house?!"
MrD, "yeah..."
Me, " Are you sure it's the right house"
MrD, " ...I think so, that's what the satnav says...."

This stunning grade II listed Victorian house had left me pretty much gobsmacked.

As we entered the front door, we were struck by an abundance of period features with very impressive reception rooms.
The house boasts a high ceiling and traditional wood panelling, wood parquet flooring, ornate fireplace and extensive hardwood panelling on the walls.

The house is currently undergoing some refurbishment with most of the house's original features carefully restored.

As much as I would love to be the Lady of the Manor, I found this house too formal and cold and lacked the family home cosiness that I prized highly.
Plus, the heating bill would cost us an arm and a couple of legs to maintain....

By pure chance, I found this video that shows the house in all its glory some time back....