Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oot and Aboot

Milton of Crathes is a cluster of restored 17th century stone farm steadings that includes a locally acclaimed restaurant, gift shop, applied arts studio, textile, craft workshop, children's play area and the Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society, who have visitors centre as part of the planned re-opening of the railway between Crathes and Banchory.


The word Boorach was Gaelic in origin and was associated with the Gaelic word burach, to dig up.

As is the case with many Scots words, boorach has several alternative forms, including bourach.

Boorach also means mess, a state of great untidiness or confusion – like guddle but more so.
Boorach has several meanings. Before it came to mean a shambles, it meant a mound or a heap of something, such as stones or peat. Then it came to mean a crowd or group. It also took on the meaning of a particularly humble dwelling house and developed into a play house, often of sand, built by children. It has had an eventful life.

Another good example of a boorach is the kitchen of an enthusiastic but disorganised cook who leaves the kitchen sink and cooker hob piled high with every single pan and utensil in the place and the worktops a sea of half-spilt packets and bottles and dirty plates.

A boorach can also be applied to a scheme, often one involving several people, that might have started out as well-intentioned but got horribly complicated and ended up in an almighty muddle.

Someone who is doing something in a very incompetent way can be said to be making a boorach of the task. For example, a novice knitter trying to knit a sweater might be said to be making a boorach of it, as might an inefficient person trying to device a complex timetable.

~ taken from Caledonian Mercury

The Milton Gallery was established in 1997 to promote and support local artists and since, has developed into a creditable showcase for aspiring and established artists living and working in this area . The work on show is an eclectic mix of medium, style and price, literally ‘something for everyone’ .

I fell in love with this handmade glazed ceramic bowl adorned with a tiny mouse, much like the furnitures of the great art and craft carver, Robert Thompson.
... and she's coming home with me!

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