Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Up the Garden Path

It has been amazingly sunny these past couple of days, albeit extremely windy with the wind blowing at 29km/h, it's a bad day for a beehive hairdo!
The garden is screaming for a tidy up. I haven't done any gardening since moving here as it's been raining ever since, which is good as it gives me ample time to concentrate on getting everything in order inside of the house.

First on the agenda is the dried-up pond.....

Some of the ice-damaged pots, nothing much I can do but to get rid of them as they were falling apart to the touch

Plants needing a little TLC - rosemary, laurel and fatsia japonica - I hope they'll survive

and some early spring blossoms....
muscari, narcissus, helleborus and rhododenron

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