Monday, 4 July 2011

Elsa's Taking Over

Hey, so this is Elsa writing for today's entry instead of my mom, because apparently, I'm her new guest editor/contributor/writer person, which is fine by me, even though the title makes no sense.

I guess to begin, I'm really happy now since it's summer vacation and there's no school (and no school means no waking up early and staying up late studying before waking up the next day looking like death in the mirror). Therefore, I have been partying.


Of course, not the hardcore parties that I'm not actually allowed to go to, but the normal parties where you catch up with friends and enjoy the fact that those final exams are finally over.

On the last day of finals, we had a party at one of my friend's houses.

Then I hosted a sleepover a couple days ago with Fiona, Maria, and Jessica, and for some miracle, the weather was actually pretty good - so we kinda had to have a water balloon fight at the end of the day, which may or may not have been such a good idea, since it was freezing afterwards.

And we went walking around in the forest behind our house, which was pretty fun, except for when we got lost and ended up on a narrow pavement by the side of a busy road. Yeah, that was not so fun. And I almost stepped on a slug, which was DISGUSTING - but it made me realize that I was really not a nature trail walker sort of person.

(She had an obsession with finding rivers and lakes. When she saw this one, she was ... slightly more than overjoyed.)

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