Saturday, 2 July 2011

International Street Market

As part of Aberdeen's Summer Festival, this hugely popular and well established market once again makes a return to the City.

The market features stalls displaying and selling food, crafts and gardening supplies from France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and from the UK.

Asian food stalls

Old favourites from the Netherlands

Dolce from the old country

French patisserie

German bratwurst

Spanish Paella and churros

My loot for the day....

Formaggio da Italia

dolci italiani

grapes from a vineyard in France

stroopwafel van Nederland

├ęchalotte from France, delicious Greek dried cherries in raspberry juice and freshly ground orange-mocha infused coffee beans from Kenya.

My culinary journey round the world, the way I like it.. without going through the hassle of airports and immigrations....

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