Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trout Fishing

We're off fishing for trouts!

The weather was nice and warm but with not much sun coming through the thick cloud. We found this place by chance when we were at the railway station kiosk. Since we didn't really have a plan in hand, we decided to spend a good day trying to fish.

Beautiful lochs in a superb natural setting.

A more professional-looking anglers doing some fly fishing.

First time handling the rods... were we that obvious??!!

Got my hook and line tangled in the weeds.... the bushes.... elsa's line....

Well, one will never guess that I'll be the one getting my baits caught - not just with one but two good size rainbow trouts - I guess my random fishing non-style confused the fishes into killing themselves.
I wished I could just threw them back into the pond. It was quite distressing for all of us having to whack their head to stun them.
So after the two trouts we called it quits.

I'll let you into a secret....
I've never in my life gutted or filleted any fish before this. Well, there's always a first time for everything, so "they" say!
By the power of Google, I had a crash YouTube offered course on how to fillet a trout.
It was bloody messy and I swear that I'll never put myself through it again....

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