Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Up the Garden Path

I love clearing up the garden and preparing it for the next season. There’s something refreshing about clearing the ground and digging it over.

Today's chores involved a lot of maintenance - weeding, deadheading, taking off brown leaves, that sort of thing.

A back-breaking task of deadheading the dried up blooms of Alchemilla mollis.

Clearing up the small woodland area at the edge of the garden.
I managed to transfer some of my aggression to those poor trees.

My herbs - rosemary, bay and thyme - doing wonderfully well in the garden.

My ever-present garden buddy, Lolita, keeping me company while I'm up to my neck in muck.
She's usually with me as I worked outside; she would often lazed in the sun and watched me tackling my new project.

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