Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seri Muka

For Wai Leng's Potluck  lunch, I decided that I should try to make Seri Muka.
Seri Muka is a Malaysian dessert made up of two layers; a bottom layer of steamed glutinous rice topped with a pandan-flavoured coconut custard.

Based solely on what I can remember on how my mom used to make this dessert, as well as a whole lot of luck, I proceed to embark into the unknown ... that is, making a traditional Malaysian dessert!

Unlike the Serimuka recipes I found on the net, my mom's version does not have any flour of any kind in it.
Her custard topping is a mixture of equal measurement of eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan juice, steamed over a layer of cooked glutinous rice. 

My mom is very fond of this dessert; in fact, this is perhaps her most favourite Malaysian dessert.
She would often scrape the sweet custard layer off and leave the tasteless glutinous bottom bit in the fridge.... naughty, naughty!!