Thursday, 1 December 2011

Gift Exchange Potluck Party 2

The food!!

Welcome drink

Blueberry fizz with Hibiscus  flower and syrup

Desserts I made.... 

Crème Brûlée
Dates with cream cheese and walnuts
French Macarons with Chocolate Mousse
French Macarons with Lemon Curd

Savouries I made;

Fragrant Rice Pilaff
Ayam Percik Kelantan
Minced Beef Murtabak
Pineapple Cucumber Mango Salad
Sweet Pickled Onion

May's Beef Rendang
Cecilia's Chicken Curry
Gaye's Butternut Squash  Curry
Mary's Fried Courgette

Fruit Platter from Sarah and fresh Persimmon slices from Christine

Jellies from Wai Leng and Layla

Mary's Peanut-filled  Kueh ( I must admit, the name escapes me.... must ask Mary for the name )
Christine's Shrimp Cocktail
Angeline's Appletart
Yin's Chocolate Roulade
Adeline's Cheesecake
Marie's Spiced Fruitcake

The foods are on the table, our tummies are rumbling....  Max got the right idea!
Let's dig in, Ladies!!