Thursday, 22 December 2011

On My Feet

It was a busy day today....

I had an early morning appointment with my podiatrist. I've been having persistent pain on both of my heels for quite a while now and it's getting to be a bit annoying.
The podiatrist recommended an acupuncture treatment for the pain; well, I can tell you that it was not the most pleasant of experience and not one I would repeat in the near future or any future whatsoever...

Once home, I started making another batch of pastries and macarons to add to some hamper gifts that I'll distribute to friends for the season.

Yeah... so, I was on my feet the whole day again and by evening the pain was getting unbearable.

I had my dinner lovingly prepared by Elsa and MrD (with me screaming instructions from the sofa on how to use the oven etc)
They made ciabatta with baked salmon in cream cheese and rocket salad in vinaigrette; and I must admit, it was scrumptious.
Thank you, my lovelies. Too bad I wasn't able to photographed their kitchen capers.

Wonder if there will be a repeat performance for dinner tomorrow??

Hmm...looks like my feet will take a little longer to get better.... wink,wink!!