Thursday, 15 December 2011

'Tis the Season

December is usually a busy month for social activities, what with the oncoming festivities and holidays.
I, for one, wouldn't say no  to any merry-making especially if it involves food!

To start it all off, there was a brunch cum carolling at Woodbank on the 9th December.

Coincidentally, the event started just after my Zumba class, hence my oil-slick look some mistook as a healthy glow.
Managed to chomp down a big slice of fruit cake and a couple of mince pies.... all that workout for nuthin' !!

Elsa's High School Yule Ball on 10th December.
Them kids are having too much partying...
mid-terms are coming up and MrD and I expected nothing less than a string of As from you, Poopsie... (We are, after all,  quintessential Asian parents!)

Xmas Lunch with my best buds, Cecilia, Gaye and Christine.