Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fashion Parade

 It's the annual International School of Aberdeen Prom Fashion Show.

The annual charity fund-raising fashion show was held on Friday the 27th of January, in the school theatre.

I must confess... I was stupefied when Elsa first told me that she was interested in becoming one of the model for her school's upcoming Prom fashion show.
Needless to say, I am very proud that she made that decision as it took great courage and confidence to be able to do what she did that evening. Good job, Elsa!!


Dresses were from Kemunto boutique and kilts from McCalls of Aberdeen.

The C Factor competition.

Each model was asked to buy a complete outfit from a local charity shop - up to the value of £20.

The teachers with their charity shop finds....

So, on one very wet and gloomy weekend, we both decided to walk around town in order to find the perfect outfit and this is what we finally agreed on (after quite a few tense moments and awkward silences)

Note to Elsa: FYI, the outfit you're wearing was chosen by ME. Now that we've settled that,we can finally move on.

Elsa's black dress cost her just £7.00 from the Cat Protection charity shop and the £2.00  pair of silver shoes with the killer heels were a Salvation Army's find.