Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Short Getaway

While Elsa's away, MrD and I decided to head down south - well, not really that far down south, just a little distance across the border - to the Lake District!!

The weather forecast promised some sunny spells and clear days albeit a little cold, which is fine 'cos that's quite normal for this time of year anyways; so long as it's not pouring down I'm okay.

After a quick goodbye to the cat, we made our getaway 5 hours due south.

The first body of water we encountered was Lake Ullswater.
The lake is the second largest in the National Park at seven miles long, but it is less than a mile across. It is a typical narrow "ribbon lake" formed after the ice age when a glacier scooped out the valley floor and when the glacier retreated, the deepened section filled with meltwater which became a lake.

Lake District didn't disappoint us at all... it does what it says on the tin - we're basically surrounded by lakes!! Beautiful lakes, no doubt!!

Lastly, a couple of snapshots of my chariot driver and long-suffering companion but ever-willing model....

As we we headed towards surrounding mountains, the scenery changed dramatically....


  1. Salam from Doha. Masih ingat tak Suffia, Manan's wife? I've been reading your blog for quite some time, really enjoy reading your posts, especially bab2 masak. Have a wonderful day!

    1. OMG Suffia, we always wondered where in the world you guys are!!
      Good to know you and your family are doing fine in Doha (I just had a quick look into your blog... it's amazing!)
      Salam to Manan from Hazzim and me.