Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kampung-style Lunch

... in the middle of Aberdeen.

Felt a lot better.
Must have been the gut-bursting laughing we did at Amira's that eventually did the trick.
Someone needs to measure the caloric content of laughter, I seem to pileup the pounds when I laugh a lot... and I REALLY DO laugh a lot!!

Getting back on track, we were invited to lunch at Effa's.
It was a proper traditional Malaysian lunch with steam rice and lauk-lauk ( I can't really write lauks... it's just not done ... well, in my book, anyways )
She made chicken with bamboo shoots in spicy gravy and vegetable stew with mushrooms and carrots.
Cecilia made the fried anchovies with pickled pakchoi.

Growing up, I never used to having these dishes on the table.
We would often have Madras-style curries (chicken, beef, fish), Chinese-style vegetables and free-style everything else.
So, when my mom hired a kampung lady to help with the cooking, it opened a new culinary chapter for us; dishes on the table were never the same colour again...

My offering for the day.... Dark Chocolate Banana and Cream Cake

Perplexed baby B, caught on camera... probably thinking, "what could possibly make these aunties laugh so much... Sponge Bob's not even on, yet... sigh!"

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