Friday, 24 February 2012

Morning Walk

Purportedly the weather would be on the high teens today. Well, it ain't all wrong.
The temperature was mild with light breezes with thick clouds, thus making it difficult for the sun to make its appearance.
Anyhow, we (the usual suspects bar one, who was down with cold) went on a planned brisk morning walk around my little kampung.

Back home, in my garden... more photo-ops for the ladies!!

Lunch was a simple Thai-style fare.

Cecilia made the deliciously spicy Papaya Salad, Gaye provided some crunchy fried salted fishes and I made Pineapple and Prawn fried rice with Thai Green Curry with Chicken.


  1. nice view...nice weather...nice team for brisk walking.....view kampung Munna duduk cantik sungguh...xoxo...

  2. Salam Eni,
    Tu yang seronok duduk kat kampong, very peaceful and lots of fresh air. I'll pick living in the country over living in the city anytime!! :)