Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Our base camp while in Lakeland. 
A quaint town on the shores of lake Windermere.


Note From Elsa 
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 7:48 PM

Bon soir!

We were in Nice the entire day, and even though it technically wasn't warm, since it was about 5 degrees, it wasn't windy at all and the sun was out, so it was pretty warm when we were in the sunlight. I took a BILLION photos, I'm not even joking! Well, maybe not that much, I'm exaggerating slightly, but it was still a lot. We were at this pebble beach eating our lunch and tons of seagulls and pigeons tried to attack us, so we all threw stones near them (well, except for a few, me included), and then Madison, Saam, and Louise started running after the birds, making cat noises. It was hilarious to watch, I wish I took a video or something, it was that good. ;)

There was this chateau nearby, so we climbed up all the stairs and we got this amazing view of Nice by the Mediterranean Sea, and I knew that if you were there, you'd take a million years taking tons of photos with and without people(; Haha, never change! But it was magnifique, and then we went around the hill and there was this waterfall area! We saw a rainbow formed through the water crystals (gotta love chemistry class) and we tried to go up this bridge through the waterfall, but the entrance to the area was locked, malhereusement.

We were in the old village of the town and we met some Italian guys, and we talked to them, and Jan asked them for a picture, so she and Madison got a picture with them (including this one really cute guy), and then she asked him for his Facebook. He was really adorable! And then Madison got whistled at when we were walking to the museum of modern art. Personally, I like modern art, but I found it kinda annoying after a while, 'cause every piece could mean something, you know? Like, it all had a double meaning, but at the same time, there was nothing much to actually look at. Or decipher. Like, all the classical or romantic painters just painted what they saw, and you knew what it was, but these modern artists nowadays are just painting splotches on a piece of canvas and calling it art. I really don't know.

Ooh, as we were heading back to our host homes a couple hours ago, Maria, Katrin, and I talked to these two kids in a cafe while waiting to cross the road and they asked us all these questions in French, but simple ones so we could reply. And Maria giggled so much, so they gestured for her to come to their table, and we were like, "OOOOH MARIA, GETTING HIT ON!" and she couldn't 'cause we were with the school, but they were so sweet. Except they were like our age and they were smoking. And when we were about to cross the street, I told her to say bye, so she turned and waved, and this one guy blew her a kiss, but he was smoking too, so the kiss was like all smoke. But whatever, it's the thought that counts, right?

I didn't have a crepe today, surprisingly! I've had a crepe like, every single day except for today. Still, that's good, I'm saving my money. I thought Nice was quite cheap but when we were walking around the stores, everything's still really expensive (at least, in my opinion). Like, a beret would be 40 euros, and a top would be like 13 euros or whatever, and a bottle of O.P.I. nailpolish would cost around 11-12 euros. And in America, it's apparently only 4 dollars. What. A. Rip. Off.

S'all good though, I was sensible so I didn't buy any of that. I'm looking to buy something for you guys, so tell me what you want! We'll be going to Cannes and Monaco sometimes in the next couple of days, so if there's anything you guys want, let me know! I haven't wasted all my money ... yet. ;)

Elsa xx
Antibes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur.

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