Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rodeo Round-Up Chilli Cook-Off

Dunno what possessed me to enter the competition, a moment of madness, perhaps, but I am glad that I did it. It was so much fun.
I must confess, I'm a chilli virgin. I've never made chili from scratch nor have I ever entered in any cooking competition. You see, I'm a bit of a snivel when it comes to competition; I hate stress and I'm not an adrenalin junkie, I'm all for a sedentary life.... well, anyways...

That's me getting ready for the competition...

 I'm going for the East meets West theme...

Let the judging begins....

We were judged on three categories; Judge's Trophy, Showmanship award and the People's Choice Ribbon

The winner for the best Showmanship award went to the Henkel's for their Angry Birds stand.
I got second placing for this category.

The Judge's Trophy went to Mickey DeJong's Sweet and Spicy Chilli con Carne.
We were told that both our chili were tied to the first place and as the judges were unable to come to a decision, they had to bring in another person to break the tie.
Pretty proud moment for me, even though I didn't get the top prize I'm happy I made the last final cut.

For the last category, the People's Choice Ribbon, I was placed third... should have brought a truckload of my posse to vote for me, probably then I would be able to secure the winning prize ha.. ha.. ha..!!

Just realised... I forgot to take a photo of my chilli!!!


  1. tahniah Munna....alala comel mami dgn rambut selit bunga ros....lepas tu posing dkt lesung tumbuk....sungguh aihh...hehe..just enjoy stress2 kan...

    -baru perasan dah ada comment box....tq..baru boleh komen...i like...xoxo..

    1. Salam Eni,
      Selit Eni, jangan tak selit. Depa semua pakai ala koboi, cheq nak buat style Mexican pulak.
      Tumpang ada orang nak ambik gambaq,cheq tak kira... lesung, senduk, periok belanga, bawah meja, ataih kerusi... cheq akan sentiasa memberi senyuman (tumpang gigi masih ori) xoxo

    2. auwww senorita with batik Java and lesung batu... i loikeeee!!! congrats anyway, klu wat sambal belanchan lagik mantop, mmg east met west habih cheq noooo....

    3. Salam Yong Kamariah,
      Hahaha... depa ada pistol, cheq ada lesung... sapa mai dekat, cheq tenyeh dengan sambai belacan!