Monday, 6 February 2012

Steamboat Lunch

A Chap Goh Mei celebration...

Correct me if I'm wrong, I guessed to the chinese community, this marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.
But, with these ladies, all we needed is just an excuse to party, by party I meant lots of good food and a good ole belly bursting blast of laughs.

The pot luck was hosted by my friend Gaye at her residence in Bieldside, seen here with her fabulous TomYam soup.

For dessert, Mary Moh made these terrific pandan-flavoured mung beans encased in flaky pastry. I couldn't stop myself, so I had two!!
Christine made those beautiful topaz-yellow morsels,  what she termed as "healthy jellies" - Osmathus tea with goji berries jelly - well, I have to say, I've lost count on how many I had.... they're delicious!!

Long life noodles...


  1. Salam Kak Muna,
    Tak perlah if you have gained weight pun, akak ttp maintain chomey ok, awet muda gitew... yr foodphotog never fail to impress me..
    p/s : anak dara akak ni pun makin sweet adanya, she was still anak dara sunti when I followed yr photopages back then, tup2 tak lama lagik dah nak dpt a key of freedom dah... how time flies eh?

    1. Salam Yong Kamariah,
      aww... thanks for all the kind words :)
      My anak dara kena tunggu sampai umoq 30 baru mak dia bagi freedom key, kot!!
      Tu-la cepat sangat... kak Muna masih lagi dok teringat time dia gigi rongak, nyanyi nursery rhymes satu shopping mall boleh dengaq (masa tu, mak dia tak tau mana nak letak muka) I wish I could turn back time... sedeh...