Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hazlehead Walk

I was glad that the weather report got it wrong.
It was another clear day albeit a little cold with light breeze which was fine with us as long as the weather stayed dry.

This time around, we went walking in a wooded area surrounding the Hazlehead Park and the golf course. The path was pretty muddy and none of us were wearing proper footwear...  a good pair of galoshes would have been more appropriate for this walk.

It took us a good 2 hours of brisk walking;  the fact that we were lost half the time didn't really help matter at all.
In the end, we got out of the wood and into civilisation just in time for lunch!

After the walk, we proceeded to our friend Christine's beautiful home, which was just a hop and skip away from Hazlehead Park.

Some of her extensive collections of trinkets and curios from her many travelings...

Christine's beautiful hand-stiched applique ... I'm loving the colour combination!

For lunch, we had Christine's very own handmade noodles fried with minced turkey
and, of course, her famous Pandan Chiffon... yum!

Thanks, Christine, for hosting this week's walk!!