Sunday, 18 March 2012

King of the Hill

It's Mothering Sunday today in the UK.
How lucky! We get to celebrate Mothers Day twice every year.

The weather was just perfect for a day out, so, as usual, I came up with the not-so-bright idea of scaling the Mither Tap peak on the Bennachie hill range, west of Inverurie.
It was an obvious choice since Mither Tap means mother top; what could be more apt than to be on mother top on mothers day!

Elsa made a smart decision to vote herself out of this cockamamie project - well, she did have a good excuse; she needs to study for her forthcoming tests, or is she...

Yes, big smile coming from someone who doesn't know what she's in for just yet...

Reached the base of the Mither Tap,
Stopping for a breather as even steeper incline ensued

Remnant of the ancient Pictish fort at the bottom of Mither Tap, thought to date to Pictish time over 1400 years ago.

We reached the top at last!
On top of Mither Tap using the fairly demanding Timeline Trail route

Excitement on many levels; I've finally conquered my fear of height

The Oxen Craig, west of Mither Tap

View of Pittodrie House


  1. Pittodrie House tu mcm castle ye muna....tapi view mither tap tu memang cantik...tidak tercemar...:)

    1. Salam Eni,
      Pittodrie House sekarang dah converted into a luxurious hotel, but I'm not too sure about it's history.
      Pemandangan kat Mither Tap memang sangat cantik, hilang rasa penat bila dapat menikmati pemandangan tu.