Friday, 16 March 2012

Lunch Guests

I received a couple of first-time visitors for lunch at home.

It started out when Efa invited me over to her house to sample Uma's Fish Head Curry. Since, I was not able make the lunch at Efa's --  maintenance guys made an appointment to do some repair work of sort in the house --  I suggested that they could have lunch at my place instead - resulting in Pentagon-style Fish Head Curry Manoeuvrings!

Since Uma and Zahra have never been to my house, they kinda had to rely massively on Efa's piloting capabilities.
Long story short, they got lost and turned up one hour later than planned.
Don't ask me how's that possible since Aberdeen is not a big city!

For lunch, we had
Uma's Fish Head Curry with Okra and Green Mango
Efa's Tandoori Chicken

Along with  Fragrant Basmathi Pilau, Dried Chickpeas Curry, Pineapple and Cucumber Salsa, Beef Rendang and Dried Fruit Achar.

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