Sunday, 25 March 2012

Malaysian Craft Festival

Woke up to an early breakfast in a nearby coffee shop for some caffeine-induced energy. I must say, I didn't feel lagged by the jet, the energy I'm getting from staying at the middle of the shopping area must have some influence to my chi.

I was informed by my mom about the Malaysian Arts and Craft and Cultural Fair.
All we knew was it is currently held at the Kompleks Kraf  Malaysia in Jalan Conlay. So we headed  towards the general direction but weren't able find exactly where it is. So, we did the most tourist-iest thing ever - asking "locals" for the direction. No surprise when they were not able to help; turns out the two ladies we approached were Filipinos and another guy was from out of town.

After much pointless walkabout, we found it... as usual, it's always the last place we look...

Various demonstrations...

no idea what they were doing


looking quite guilty as he wasn't doing anything just yet...

grandma making all sorts of vessels with clay

MrD besotted by the Keroncong group, singing a keroncong version of Nat King Cole's "Autumn Leaves"

I miss...
the lushness of the tropics

and, ice kacang...

Oh, by the way... I want to say "Hi" to Norma (sorry, if I got your name wrong).
You kinda caught me by surprise while I was searching out for the elusive ice kachang. It was nice to meet someone in person who is kind enough to follow me on my little adventures.
I wish I was quick-thinking enough to ask for our pictures to be taken... I do apologise.


  1. OWHHHH kak muna......
    Combi shummel na...miss u kak muna

    1. Salam Dila
      Bukan chombi, sayang... Arab-lah :)
      miss you too xoxo

  2. balik Malaysia kak Muna ....

    JJCM ... puas puas...

    1. Salam Chik Att
      Tak boleh JJCM sangat... nanti seluaq ketat :)

  3. Slmt bercuti di Msia utk Muna sekeluarga.balik Msia boleh mkn2 puas2 makanan Msia...ABC sudah pastikan. Komplek kraf ..ada pergi thn lepas tp pusing kejap je..

    1. Salam Mamasya,
      Tiap-tiap hari cheq tibai ABC... heaven!

  4. Assalamualaikum Muna,

    Apa khabar.Kak Azni harap Muna sihat bersama family tersayang. Terkejut kak lihat entry Muna ni, tau tau dah sampai Malaysia! Selamat kembali ke tanah air. Akak gelak sorang sorang Muna cerita sesat cari jalan ke kraftangan. memang pun.....elok Dato Pengarah Kraftangan baca blog ni ya, betapa lecehnya nak g ke sana.

    Sayang sekali kak azni tak turun teman my hubby who also one of the craftman there. Jika tak, boleh kak jumpa Muna secara live. Booth kami under name of Techno Ceramic, yang ada Golden Keris buatan tangan dari seramik, u can see thru my blog.

    Ceria2 selalu si jelita, happy always!

    1. Salam Kak Azni,
      Alaa... kan seronok kalau dapat berjumpa.
      Anyways, I'll be going there again to get some souvenirs for some friends, I'll be sure to visit Techno Ceramic.
      Harap-harap this time tak sesat lagi ;)