Monday, 5 March 2012

Out in the Garden

A short window of unadulterated sunshine before the weather turns for the worse tomorrow (that's according to various weather reports from various sources)

I had an early start in the garden; started the day digging out the dense clump of crocosmia corms and replanting them at various sunny positions around the garden. Crocosmia does require a lot of sun to produce flowers, and the brilliantly coloured iris-like red-orange flowers are quite showy and make an excellent show in fresh floral arrangements.

Something (or someone) must have annoyed this furry madam... no prize for guessing it was me!!

Signs of life

Tollohill Woods

"Stop tickling me, woman.... I'm not ELMO!!!"

A burst of colours around the front entrance.

"So, yeah...
I know you want to do your gardening thingy while the sun's out but I'M HUNGRY!!
So can we go in already and FEED ME!!!!"


  1. Nice clicks!! Especially yg last one tu.. Cantik sgt2.. I'm so going to your place one day hehe hahah invite diri sendri..

    1. aww... thanks RC.
      C'mon down... we'll be waiting :)

  2. I want your cat. so fluffy.

    1. Lolita says
      "Hi ANR (insert stinking fish breath).
      If you want me you'll have to come and get me...
      and, I do eat a lot
      and I LOVE milk, but it has to be lactose-free
      'cos I'm fussy, you see...."