Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Picnic at Hazlehead Park

Picnic season is here again... err, not really... it's just that the weather has been relatively mild and dry, so much so that we couldn't wait to be out eating in the park.

It was a cool day but pleasant as there was no wind to blow everything into frantic disarray.

The savouries.

Efa made nasi lemak with fried ikan bilis and sambal while Nurul made the roti jala and chicken curry, and I thought it would be great to make beef rendang to go along with both nasi lemak and roti jala... clever, eh?!
Christine made fried chicken drumsticks in Korean chilli paste
Cecilia's wicked acar with keropoek
Pauline divine homemade sambal udang kering buns... don't let her know, I ate four of them!!
And, someone brought pizza

On the dessert table, we have
Gaye's rhubarb crumble
Adeline's raspberry custard pie
marble cake, owner unknown
fruit salads courtesy of Umadevi and WaiLeng
and, I made those sinful-on-the-waistline Funfetti cupcakes

And, a massive appreciation must go out to kak Ruby for supplying us with hot coffee and tea... a real treat on a cold day!!

The initial plan was for a day out for them kids to run around in the playground....


turned out, as per normal.....

look who's having too much fun!!
It didn't really take that much to get us going... really!!

We managed to out do the kids, in the end!!

Moms - 1,  Kiddos - nul points


  1. Assalamualaikum Muna,

    Kak azni masih tersenyum membaca blog Muna with last word mommy 1 point VS kiddos zero. Tambah kak gelak bila melihat last picture budak2 kecik tu tertidur keletihan, maybe because cuaca kot mereka cepat mengantuk.

    I am happy to see keakraban persahabatan Muna with a bunch of good friend n your Funfetti cup cakes tersangatlah comel. Thank you for your recipe. I adore your hair. cantik n suka melihatnya >@@<

    Teruskan menulis dari hati mu.

    Salam dari Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar

    1. Salam Kak Azni,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and compliments ::blush::
      Memang seronok sangat berkelah Msian-style. Ramai juga locals yang asyik ter-pandang-pandang gelagat kami yang riuh rendah dengan makanan yang sepenuh-penuh meja -- actually 2 meja penuh!!
      So much fun.
      Hopefully, persahabatan kami berpanjangan.