Thursday, 22 March 2012

Staff Lunch - Prep work

Every year, the school parents organises a lunch for all the staff, including the bus drivers, the cleaners and the academic bodies. Since Elsa has only been in this school for only slightly more than a year, I can't say more about what had been done in the previous year.
This year, though, I was asked to put my organisational skills to the test when they requested me to come up with menus and recipes for an Asian-inspired buffet lunch.

As early as 8 in the morning, I arrived at the school's kitchen to do some of the prep work

I must say, I was quite thrilled to be working in a professional kitchen... felt like being in the Masterchef, not!

I want one of this walk-in fridge!

After the initial fiasco with the satay sauce and beef rendang, everything went on smoothly without a hitch.
At exactly half past ten, the team of moms and I managed to get all the food out of the kitchen and onto the buffet tables in time for the group of hungry bus drivers.

Some of the moms who volunteered to help out in the kichen.

Volunteer moms doing their bit to decorate the hall

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