Monday, 9 April 2012

The Fat Lady sang...

Our Holiday is officially over!

Elsa is back in school, MrD is at work, and me... I'm all alone nursing my sore throat and cough.

We came home to a freezing cold house (heater was turned off for the last 2 weeks) and a broken washing machine; a heap of rather smelly clothes steadily developing into potential biohazards.

Anyways, I think I'm developing Holiday Withdrawal Syndrome; symptoms include:
  • craving for ice kachang - every afternoon or whenever possible, MrD and I would sneak out for our daily dose (we love to live dangerously!)
  • missing those midnight till early morning chats with my mom and dad (haiyah, body clock not in tuned with local time)
  • missing the crazy banter with the family
  • missing my nieces and nephews
  • missing my mom and mom-in-law's cooking

But, what I'm not missing are:
  • the heat, I was sweating so much it was not even funny 
  • my perpetual bad hair day and the not-so-fresh feeling
  • noise; it's amazing how loud people talk in restaurants
  • and those totally mental F1 wannabes and rejects on Malaysian highways, roads, lorong and jalan kampung; glad to see the last of 'em

So Goodbye Malaysia... hope to see you again!

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