Thursday, 5 April 2012

Malaysian Heritage

More photos taken at the Malaysian Arts and Crafts Festival

Unconsciously, we did what most tourists would do when they visit this country... gravitating towards local products and craftsman; and disappointed we were not.

Looking at them, you know that a lot of of time, effort and skills were required to produce some of these outstanding looking items.

Intricately-designed silver teapots with traditional malay motifs

Silver tepak sirih

Silver thread tekad on black velvet

I wished I could bring some of these home...

Pewter wall decoration using songket motifs


  1. jauh balik mai tengok dan menghargai warisan dekat tak ambik inisiatif nak pi pun(chek la tu...)hehe...
    selamat bercuti cuti malaysia Muna dan link blog baru eni...yg lama kena godam tak boleh sign in...huhu....xoxo...

  2. Salam Eni,
    Betoi kata Eni, bila tinggal jauh baru kita menghargai sesuatu. Kerja tangan kraf Malaysian memang sangat cantik... cheq kagum.
    So sorry to hear about your blog yang kena godam tu. I will definitely visit your new blog and update the link nanti