Friday, 6 April 2012


Back in the old days, by old I meant around six years or so ago, there was a group of Malaysian food blogger sites that I frequented, namely Hanieliza, MamaFaMi, RinnChan, Hajar, Mamasya, Fifi Fad, Wiz, Jenilicious and many, many more. Among them was a sole male blogger specialising in Peranakan Nyonya recipes that goes by the name Mat Gebu.

I've always been a great admirer of his recipes and his meticulous and detailed display of food, as oppose to my "let me just put in on the table and hope for the best" style of photography.

Anyways, long story short, last Tuesday, MrD, Elsa and I made a 3 hour journey down south to the hilly countryside to meet Sedenak's very own (perhaps only?) celebrity blogger.

Mat Gebu's yummylicious helper, Sue Joshua, imported from Copenhagen... will only accept payments in the form of Gucci bags!

We were feted by Mat Gebu's array of delicious lauk consisting of, among others

Rendang Ayam
Masak Lemak Udang dan Belimbing Buluh
Kangkung Goreng
Terung Berlada

I do hope I got the names right!

 Meeting of old friends and new...

Order of the day...
the visit wouldn't be complete without a photo session with the famous tiffin biru

Finally, we would like to record our gratitude and appreciation to Encik Adnan Ibrahim and his family, Mak Yah and Bak and his brother, Cik Mat for having us on such short notice.
And to Joshua, Sue, Rica, Rhea and Rico (who was at school) it was great to able to meet up again after 2 years apart.
We wish you all the best and we hope we'll meet again someday soon.


  1. Salam Muna..
    Wow! You guys are having a great time!!
    Nice to be back ya..

    1. It's great to be back... too bad it was just too short a time

  2. Kak Muna!!!!!While i was browsing, found you here!YES!Finally could fill ups my days with yours truly beautiful picture shots...Enjoy your holiday...

    1. Aww... miss you Afzan
      Fotopages was giving a lot of problem lately, so terpaksa-lah berpindah, itu pun I'm not done transferring photos from the Hague fotopages lagi...
      pindah rumah cyberworld is as penat as the real thing
      I'm glad you found me here

  3. awat acu nampak itam legam? main panaih ka???

    1. Tu-la mami... macam jakun bila nampak matahari sampai tak hengat, tup, tup... kelam kulit ku jadinya!!
      Takpa, la ni cheq tengah berkurung, moga-moga akan cerah kembali :)