Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Lazy Weekend

Nothing much happened this weekend; the weather was rather gloomy and the outlook for the next few days are not going to be great either.

So I decided, incredibly, to spend hours in the kitchen preparing two of the most time consuming Malay dishes ever.... so maybe it wasn't such a lazy weekend for me

There was a massive turkey thigh frozen deep in my freezer; it has been there since Christmas last year as I never quite able to make up my mind as to what I want to do with it.
Finally, I decided to turn them turkey meat into Turkey Rendang Negeri Sembilan style.
It turned out alright. The tough meat was able to take the prolonged cooking.

Next, I experimented on the Rendang Pucuk Ubi Kayu recipe but using tender kale florets instead.
I fell in love with this dish after having them at the in-laws' not too long ago. Mine didn't turn out as dark as my mom in-law's probably 'cos I put crazy amount of dried anchovies in it and less of those leafy vegetables.
Anywhoo, it turns out great and the family loves it.

Sambal belacan, the bane of my sinus good health... oh, well, YOLO...

Thanks Elsa for taking this photo.... Elsa didn't want to be photographed 'cos she just woke up and  hadn't had her bath quite yet!!! Smelly Elsa!!!

In contrast, Elsa's weekend was nothing short of pure excitement ... so NOT fair!!

Right after school on Friday, the girls were off to a tree-top adventure at Go Ape in Banchory

In the evening, it was a slumber party cum birthday bash for one of her girlfriend

Then, on Saturday she was off to a paintball game with rest of her schoolmates

When we picked her from school, she was still full of energy; talking incessantly about her (mis)adventures, so it was a welcome relief for us when she went off to bed and woke up late the next day. 


  1. Salam k.Muna.ada rendang ayam turkey rendang pucuk ubipun ada....kena pulak dg sambal belacan...buat selera mkn ni...
    Ceria Elsa dg rakan2nya....

    1. Tu-la Mamasya... sekali sekala nak juga bertukaq selera....rumah bau macam hari raya pulak dah.
      Elsa was looking forward to makan the rendang, tapi cheq ter-buat pedas sedikit, kesian kat dia, nampak gaya Mama Elsa kena buat rendang part 2 - version tak pedas langsong :)