Monday, 14 May 2012

Gardeners' Delight

Last Saturday was a good day.

We spent a good part of the morning going around various garden centres.

The first one was a farm and garden centre run by VSA (Volunteer Service Aberdeen)
and it just so happened that they were having their annual spring fair on that weekend. What luck!

We met a really friendly couple manning this caravan/exhibition.
They were extremely passionate about conservations and breeding of rare breeds animals unique to the British Isles.
They spoke to us at length about various types of sheep and wild horses that was brought back from near extinction. I was genuinely enthused.

Later, we stopped over at our favourite garden centre for a spot of lunch
and more gardening non-essentials to add to my Aladdin's cave of gardening gears and useless paraphernalia.


  1. Salam Fabulous Friday Kak Muna rupawan,

    whoaahhhh... rambang mata tgk pokok2 bunga tu eh??? I don't have a skill of gardening, tgn cheq panas, tanam benda sume tak sudi nak grow up... kalau boleh celik mata plinggggg...bushes of roses, lilies dah ada depan mata, boley?
    p/s : takmo kah pick one of those sheeps bawak balik letak kt your green padang tu? heee...
    ~Happy Gardening!~

    1. Salam Fabulous Friday to you too
      takpa... tangan panas simply means that YOU'RE HOT!!
      Yeah, I wished boleh pling plong those pokok too... kinda reminded me of my SIMS-crazy days.
      I don't thing Lolita would appreciate me bringing home another furry animals... satgi jealous, lari rumah bawa cat food :)