Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hey Belgium

Hi! It's Elsa here, and I just got back from this school trip in Belgium, so I'm just gonna post some photos and talk about what we did.

IT WAS FANTASTIC, by the way. The weather was actually really nice (but kinda windy) and it was pretty much sunny every single day. Oh and the chocolate's amazing, but I don't need to say much on that, since that's pretty much a given fact.

So we headed off on the ferry on Sunday and we had to wake up super early in the morning in order to get to the school by 6:30 ... I think. I really don't remember, that's how tired I was.

The ferry trip was definitely a fun experience; I recall hanging by the dance floor a bunch, and we even had our own little dance battle with a group of 5th graders from another school. Basically, we bring a new meaning to the word 'cool'.

After getting off the ferry, we straight away started our World War 1 experience in Belgium, with our tour guide Lizzie and our navigation officer (aka. the bus driver) Dave.

I've heard enough WWI music throughout that trip to last me a lifetime, I can promise you that.

Well, here we go:

If you look carefully through all the mud and manure above, you can spot a duck. How cute is it? SO CUTE.

The most amazing monument created by the people of Canada in order to give remembrance towards all the fallen Canadian soldiers in the war. It's huge, and that's an understatement.

The cemeteries and list of missing soldiers were what made the whole experience so emotional though. The graveyards were incredibly beautiful, but every story we heard about the soldiers would make everyone want to cry.

We even got to go through trenches and OMG, it was the most fun. But the whole thing was kinda scary too, especially when we had to imagine being in the trenches as actual soldiers.. kinda freaked me out a little bit.

Then we went to Bruges on the last day, and we got a full three hours to just wander around and buy chocolate/go sightseeing/eat tons - and that's what we did.

If I had to rate this trip? INFINITY out of 10. It was that amazing <3

xx, Elsa

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