Monday, 7 May 2012

Lazy Monday

It was a pretty chill day....

We decided to take things easy today after two days of driving around in the country.
MrD needed to get his hair cut, and Elsa wanted to spend the day in the mall.

We began our day with a simple breakfast at a nearby cafe while waiting for MrD to have his haircut.

Lunch was at an Italian restaurant in the mall...

At this point in time, I think the family was kinda fed-up with my trigger-happy snappy good time with my little camera... their faces speak volume!

 Oh, I was trying to get a shot of that salt and pepper thingy... it just so happened that your face accidentally got into the shot, MrD...

All's forgiven when the food came...

Elsa had girasole ravioli with wild mushroom and basil

 MrD and I shared the gamberetti pizza

Dessert was vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis

Our intial plan to go to the movies was thwarted by yours truly after she spent far too much time window shopping.
Maybe we'll watch the movie next week instead... x


  1. assalam Muna
    Just curious .. would it be easier to scoop the panna cotta if it was served in a bowl instead of the flat plate? :-)

    I see your daughter's face senget2 tu, I thot makanan tu tak sedap; rupa2nya bahana kamera mama dia ya? hehe..

    1. Salam Somuffins
      Hahaha... too right! Memang kena kejar the panna cotta tu keliling pinggan.
      You know-la, it's always style over practicability... just like me the other day, dah tau nak banyak berjalan, nak juga pakai kasut tinggi... after one hour, kaki sakit... what to do, senyum saja-la... maintain, babe!

  2. Aslmkm Muna.. make me laugh there..when you mention the kasut tinggi..teringat cerita lama..
    Anyway, we ladies tak kira sakit, when comes to bergaya..

    1. Waalaikum salam
      Betoi sangat-sangat... tu belum masuk bab corset lagi :)