Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Letter to my niece

Dear Tiah,

So, what have you been up to lately? How have you been keeping? Enda Muna miss you so much!

The weather here in Aberdeen  has been quite unpredictable, some days it can be nice and sunny and other days can be quite rotten.
One thing for sure, Enda Muna won't be sweating here like when I was in Malaysia :)

It was quite cold in the morning, Enda Muna decided to spend the day indoor (in front of the computer...  not good!)
Lolita was none too happy, so she decided to sit on the table and give me the evils.

Later, Enda Muna decided to do some ironing, not that there was much ironing to do, but, it's always nice to do it on a cold day. 
Lolita kept me company throughout, even though she would rather be outside catching bunnies. 
Sometimes, Enda Muna can see deers running in the field behind the house. Next time,  Enda will post some photos of the deers and bunnies for you, okay.

After making so much fuss, Enda Muna kicked Lolita out of the house.

Oh, now she wants to come in... not happy to be outside on your own, are you?!

For dinner, Enda Muna prepared some homemade beef burger.

By 6 p.m. kak Elsa will be home from school. She would usually try to finish her homework before dinner.
I'm sure Tiah will never guess where kak Elsa does her homework....

This is her favourite place to do her homework! Kak Elsa is funny that way :)

Well, Tiah... that's basically what happened to Enda Muna today.
The sun sets pretty late over here; around 8:55 in the evening.
The setting sun was quite pretty this evening that Enda Muna decided to take these photos just for Tiah, Riha and Seha.

Lots of love hugs and kisses,
Enda Muna xoxo


  1. salam Muna..panggilan enda tu utk negeri mana ye..sebelah Mr D ka...nak tergelak tengok Elsa punya fav spot..hehe...apa2 pun suka dengar nama lolita tu...I stay kat apt..tak boleh bela kucing...thinking of bela ikan..ikan pelaga...haha..xoxo..

    1. Salam Eni,
      Panggilan enda tu diguna oleh keluarga sebelah Muna, just like nenda, bonda etc
      Our last cat, about 8 years ago, was called Lola... bila dapat kucing ni, kami namakan Lolita. Maybe my next cat will be call Lollypop... eh, ada boleh ka?
      Looking forward to see your ikan pelaga!!

  2. Sweet post. I feel like moving to your place Muna. Kat sini dah 44 degree c and it's just at the beginning of summer. No more outdoors for me. Bunga2 I dah mati hangus. Have a great weekend :)

    1. Hi Suffia,
      We'll be more than happy to have you guys here!! Would be great to have someone to share some gardening tips with!

  3. Assalamualaikum Muna n Tiah juga,

    Auntie azni tumpang baca surat untuk Tiah,.hihi.sebenarnya sangat terpesona dengan the last 2 picture tu. Cantik sangat2! n Elsa,.gosh tak terfikir langsung feveret port dia buat homework,so cute n unique. For Muna, always stay pretty in your own way girl.,keep on writing from your dearly heart :-) take care.

    1. Salam Kak Azni,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Memang kat atas tangga tu lah Elsa mendapat ilham nak habiskan her reports... maybe I should also start writing my blog kat situ ;)