Friday, 4 May 2012

Out In The Garden

Yesterday, the weatherman did promise a fairly good day albeit a little dull.
Well, I shouldn't complain... days like this are too far in between and long overdue.

Anyways, last weekend while browsing the garden centre, I bought a few pots of sedum and alpine plants for the rockeries. The rock garden at home was looking a bit tired and in need of some makeover

Some sedum were grouped into a pot and topped with some decorative aggregates. 

The rockeries at the backyard after given a major makeover.
Weeds were pulled out and some dead heathers were given the trim

As usual, Lolita will be keeping me company

Elsa came home from school early today for a change, if not, she will always be in either soccer practises, cheerleading or god knows what else...

Next on my gardening agenda, was the front garden rockery

The dwarf rhododendron is doing very well after getting a good pruning last year from yours truly and her amazing pair of secateurs; there's something evil about my secauters - whilst using it, often, I become a woman possessed and go on a prune-crazy frenzy! It always ends tragically...

In the meantime .... can't wait for these buds to open up

These are the plants I planted last year, and they seem to be thriving. Me happy!!

Planted these rows of Agapanthus bulb in March this year.
Hopefully, I get to see them flowering

The rockery after the makeover...
Saxifraga and sedum seem to be doing very well;
others like pansies, primulas and hostas don't fare too well this year 'round.
My theory (err... if any) is that since we had a fairly mild winter followed by the extremely wet early spring, there is now a massive population explosion of slugs in my garden
Last year, we brought in Lolita to bring down the number of rabbits in the garden, looks like this year Lolita need to learn to snuff out those slugs to earn her keep or else ... just kidding!!

Just slugs there... just a bumble bee...


  1. wah.. cantiknya your rockeries garden k muna. :D that red door tu stor ke garage?

    1. Hi RC
      Thanks... the rock garden was pretty much established but it was overrun with weeds allsorts... me, I just brought it back to life and gave it a little sprucing up. I do hope the next tenant will continue taking care of them.
      Yup, that's my garden shed with the little red door... a family of swift used to nest there, but not anymore :(

  2. What a lovely garden you have :)