Wednesday, 13 June 2012

March Madness

Hey! It's Elsa ...
and I'm just here to talk about this English project that we had to do. And when I say project, I mean a major speech-and-debate project. And just for the record, I hate public speaking. I hate it with a passion.


This is a yearly semester project for 10th grade, but I don't know why it's even called March Madness 'cause it actually starts in December.. awkward.

The whole purpose of this project is to argue (through a speech) about how an artist (like an author, an artist, or a musician/composer) has greatly altered society with their achievements. Everyone has to choose four different artists, and there are four rounds, where various artists are gradually kicked out of the competition.

My four artists were: Emily Dickinson, Beethoven, Nadine Gordimer, and Pablo Picasso.

I managed to get all four of them through to the third round, and by the final speeches in the fourth round, I found that I was one of the finalists, and that I had to do a speech against four other finalists. I managed to get to the final round with Picasso, which was good 'cause I definitely knew he was an influential figure.

The final speech/rebuttals were INTENSE. It was held in a boardroom and there were five judges, as well as various family members watching. I was so nervous, just because I was worried that I'd forget my speech and all my arguments against the other competitors. But I must've done something alright, 'cause today we received the results on who won, and I did!

Let's just say I'm a very happy bunny right now.

Anyways, hopefully everything above makes sense, but the whole process was pretty complicated, and it took me about a month and a half to fully understand what the competition was about. But either way, here's a video of my final speech on Picasso (it's all good if it doesn't make sense, it probably won't):

Elsa (: